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We saw Athens is located right in the city center. Situated in the beating heart of Athens it could be the starting point for each traveler. Stroll around the streets and explore the city. Let yourself be carried away by the unique vibrancy of Athens. Walk out the door and immerse yourself in the city and make the most of your time in Athens. You will find plenty of choices when it comes to food and drinks, as most of the hip places are in walking distance. So are the most important archeological sites and museums. Do not hesitate to ask us for recommendations.

Athens is a multicultural city that never sleeps. From the most demanding and organised visitors to the completely flexible and free spirited ones, Athens has its way to satisfy all of them. A vivid European capital where cultural heritage meets contemporary urban living. Being close to three ports that lead to the island of the Saronic Gulf and the Aegean sea, Athens can be both an inbetween stop and a final destination. For a quick getaway all year round, Athens is the perfect hub, since it connects the mainland with excellent transport and road network.

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